Turkish Alloy Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish alloy, Turkey alloy manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality alloy from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

CEMAS DOKUM SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Osman Karasoy    
s ductile iron product, mill balls, iron casting, steel casting, ductile iron
MARMARA METAL MAMULLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Hüseyin ONER    
s alloy, atomized, casting additive, deoxidizer, femn, ferro, ferro alloys, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, ferro silicon manganese, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, fesi, fesimn, graphite electrode, inoculant, metal, metallurgical coke, mineral, nodulizer, non-ferrous, pig iron, powder, recarburizers, refractory, water atomized, welding rod, aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, minerals, iron ore, manganese ore, refractories, flourspar, dolomite, olivine, bauxite, zircon, stainless steel shot, anthracite, ferro chrome, nickel, ferro molybdenum, ferro vanadium, ferro titanium, ferro tungsten, ferro boron, ferro niobium, aluminium beryllium, aluminium titanium boron, aluminium magnesium, aluminium alloy additives, aluminium master alloy, ferro silicon barium, ferro silicon strontium, ferro silicon zirconium, ferro silicon calcium, calcium silicon cored wire, calcined petroleum coke, chromite, other additives, marmara metal owns chrome ore, copper concentrate mines, basic pig iron, silicon metal, magnesium, manganese, silicon carbide, foundry raw material, refractory brick, metal mineral, ferroalloys
GUR METAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mert SOMEL    
s agricultural machinery parts, alloy, cast parts, casting, casting parts, casting parts general machinery, casting parts industry, casting parts medical, casting parts pump, casting parts shotguns, casting parts valve, castings, construction machinery parts, foundry, iron casting, metal, metal casting parts, parts, precision casting, precision metal casting, steel casting, textile machinery parts, steel construction, steel constructions, precision metal casting, casting parts medical, casting parts general machinery, casting parts shotguns, casting parts valve, casting parts pump, casting parts industry, metal casting parts
YAZICI DEMIR CELIK A.S.        Türkiye     Serkan TAKTAKLAR    
s iron, steel, energy, port operations, banking, tourism, mining, port management, foreign trade, maritime transport, steel production, carbon and alloy, irons, steels, energys, port operation, bankings, minings, port managements, foreign trades, maritime transports, steel productions, carbon, alloy, carbon allay, carbon alloys
YESILCE        Türkiye     Faikmemo memo    
s steel, battery, steel bar, alloy, manure
WISDOM IMPORT EXPORT CO. LTD.        Çin     qin wang    
s alloy, resistance wire, hardware, construction product
TASCIOGLU LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Barbaros Sayıl    
s alloy, brass brazing, copper, copper phosphorus, copper wire, fluxes, low heat wire, paste, resin activated solder wires, silver, silver brazing, silver wire, solder, solder alloy, solder chemical, solder chemicals, solder of radiator, solder of stained glass, solder wire, soldering, soldering pastes, solders of stained, unleaded solders, vacuumed bars, wire, welding wires, zinc, welding wire, zinc dust, lead ingot, zinc ingot, zinc wire, metal, lead ingots, welding rod, extruded bar solder, antimony ingots, cadmium ingots, tin bars, tin ingots, lead bars, lead plates, lead wires, lead washers, magnesium ingots, printing leads, brass brazings, arax solder wires, pota solder wires, stained class solder wires, unleaded solder wires, ingot solders, extruded bars, extruded bar solders, brazing, arax, cadmium ingot, tin anode, tin bar, tin ingot, silver brazing alloy, lead bar, brass brazing alloy, lead plate, welding rods, solder, copper phosphorus brazing, auto radiator solder wire, auto radiator solder wires, bar solder, electronic solder wire, electronic solder wires, ingot solder, lead seal, pota solder wire, printing lead, radiator solder wire, radiator solder wires, radiator solders, solder paste, solder wires, soldering paste, solders, stained class solder wire, unleaded solder, unleaded solder wire, vacumeed bar solder, vacumeed bar solders, vacuumed bar, welding solder, wire solder, wire solders, zinc rods
s casi, casimn, casiba, fesimg, siba, alloy, inoculant, nodulant
SELAM TICARET        Türkiye     Hamdullah PARÇA    
s alloy, hexagon bar profile, hexagon bar profiles, aluminum, aluminum hexagon bar profile, aluminum pipe profile, aluminum pipe profiles, aluminum rod profile, aluminum rod profiles, aluminum joinery, aluminum scrap, aluminum square square profile, aluminum cutting aluminum drilling, aluminum dryer, aluminum lama rectangular profile, aluminum profile, aluminum profiles, aluminum wires, aluminum wire, aluminum round bar profile, weighbridge, billets, pipe profile, pipe profiles, tea coffee machines, oven, iron, vacuum cleaner, profiles, casting, door and window systems, plastic mold, profile, household appliances, hair dryer, water heater, plastic injection, electrical household appliances, square profiles, pot, composite, ironing table, round profiles, mixer, kettle, rivet, round bar profiles, wire drawing, hair stylers, bar profiles, round bar profile, toast, bar profile, quadrangular profiles, square quadrangular profile, square quadrangle profiles, lama rectangular profile, lama rectangular profiles, shaving machines
ENZOR OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     ENZOR OTOMOTİV İTH. İHR. LTD. ŞTİ. istanbul    
s tyres, alloy wheels, rims, tire, tires, tyre, alloy, jante, felgen
s spare, parts, spare parts, wheel, wheels, equilibrium, balance, wheel balance weights, weights, casting, machine, casting machine, hydraulic, standard, alloy
QINGDAO AOMEITE IMPORT        Çin     Judy Jack    
s alloy, hdpe, ldpe, lldpe, packaging film, paints, plastics, pp, pvc, rubber
SAGLAM METAL SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Sağlam Metal    
s beryllium copper, zirconium copper, silicium copper, copper tungsten, spot welding electrode, sinking erosion copper, steel, stainless steel
KENDIR CASTING TRADE CO. LTD.        Türkiye     İsmail Kendir    
s agricultural machines, agriculture, alloy, automotive, automotive industry, casting, construction machine, die casting, differantial gear box, dipper teeth, elbow for concrete pumps, excavator teeth, gear box, grinding part, industrial machines, machinery, mining, pump, pump body, transmission mechanism body, valve
KENMAK MACHINING PARTS        Türkiye     İsmail Kendir    
s agricultural machines, agriculture, alloy, automotive, automotive industry, casting, construction machine, die casting, differantial gear box, dipper teeth, elbow for concrete pumps, excavator teeth, gear box, grinding part, industrial machines, machinery, mining, pump, pump body, transmission mechanism body, valve
ONAT ALUMINYUM A.S.        Türkiye     Ayhan ÇELİKER    
s aluminum, aluminium, foundry, extrusion, cold bezel, profile, alloy, aluminum extrusion, solid, welded pipe, grift and complex profile, grift profile, complex profile, specific alloys, aluminum alloys, cold mold shaping, foundries, extrusions, cold showings, profiles, alloys, aluminum extrusions, solids, welded pipes, grift and complex profiles, grift profiles, complex profiles, specific alloy, aluminum alloy, hollow pipe, alloys
IMS OZEL CELIK TIC.LTD.STI.        Türkiye         
s carbon, alloy, stainless, engineering, tool steels
SARMET ALASIM URUNLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s alloy, alloy products
EAST ASIA METAL LIMITED        Çin     abby zhang    
s alloy, alloystainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel