Company Profile:
Samkale is a group company that is located in the biggest industrial city of Gaziantep in Turkey. We have the young and dynamic structure which is the leader on the baby diapers and food products. Now we export our products to all the worlds such as middle-east, all Africa, Asia and some of Europian countries. Our a lot of brands are well-known in the World now. We are also waiting you to make the best decision for your business life and to be the best one in your markets with safely. WHY, YOU MUST WORK WITH SAMKALE GROUP; We are honest&reliable We give the value to our customers We are marketing our products with good intentions,mutual benefit and fair treatment We have the highest Quality products with competitive prices Our products are produced under hygenic &untouched conditions with high tecnology We are very careful on the productions of HALAL products Our customers’ SATISFACTIONS are INDISPENSABLE for us Our success totally depends on LONG-TERM business

Related Companies, Brands:
SAMKALE, Super Fista, Gusto Baby, Samkale Un, Master Gusto, Everydream Baby Diaper, Frais Jus

Countries Export to:
Middle East, Africa, Russia, Turkish Countries

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Tax Office: Gazikent  Tax Number: 7420438454  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Songül ÖZYILMAZ